Kuma Project Restarting as a Student-Centered Organization

Kuma Project Restarting as a Student-Centered Organization

Kuma Project was founded in March 2011. Now, we are trying to make a big change.

Kuma Project (K.P.) started to be a help for the devastated area, affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, K.P. is not merely a “volunteer organization” but is an educational organization.

The reason why I founded K.P. was to give an opportunity for students to grow in every way so as to be an independent person rather than not just a follower. Therefore the concept of K.P. was students would make a plan, advertise, carry out, manage financially, and so on. In short, K.P. was intended to be a “student-centered” organization. However, in spite of this, I have been always a “leader.”

There were also other problems about my management. With the increasing number of volunteer working, we came to feel difficulty in keeping human, material, and economic resources. In addition, I began to have a sense of danger; our activities were gradually less careful and energetic. In another words, I may have been doing everything idly.

For these reasons, I have decided to divide into some divisions and assign each task to students. There are Planning, Public Relations, General Affairs, Accounting, and Media sections.

In Planning Division, it is expected to propose a plan more reasonably. Of course our working has to be of help for devastated areas. Additionally, as a mission as an educational organization, we should give students who have never been to such areas opportunities to participate in our programs to see what happened and what is happening in devastated areas.

A key for such students to participate is to provide “interesting” and beneficial programs for both students and local persons.

Since Planning Division members are students, they can make better programs attracting potential participating students than I. It is important to make a plan all the participants would feel they want to visit the areas again.

With a large scale of this reformation, I also reconsidered accounting to look into a long-term action. To date, participation fees have been substantially lower than the necessary expenses. This is because I wanted students to visit revitalizing areas without financial burdens on students.

Now, we are facing a big financial challenge to keep moving forward.

Staff members and I have been discussing about participation fee raise. It is so unfortunate but K.P. participation fee will be higher than before. We will try our best to improve financial problems, but I ask your understanding this raise.

I really appreciate your support so far, and please feel free to give us your idea and cooperation on our working and finance again if possible.

Kuma Project
Chair person,
Keiichi Nakayama

(Translated by Tori, Public Relations)
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